Tripmeters for crossing rallies

Do you like beating hard rally routes? Crossing through water or uphill driving gives you satisfaction? You want to prove that your skill in rallies are on the highest level and all you need is an irreplaceable tripmeter?

Tripmeters for crossing rallies are the gear, that you definitely need. Halda designated for the cars that take part in that type of challenges, is designed to survive even the hardest episodes on the road. Mounting is harder, more stable and any hard passage is not a problem for them.

Tight and durable housing is the basis of rallies, when crossing the water is commonplace The iTrip tripmeters is a perfect solution and its fulfilling the role of a reliable partner in even the hardest conditions.

Road measurements based on the GPS

Uphill riding alone, or driving through moist surface is often a demanding time. The precise measurement is even harder in that time. However, iTrip tripmeters this is not a problem. Road measurements can be based on a GPS module, which is not only precisely pointing, which episode of the route we are crossing, but also will calculate how many kilometers or even meters we covered during the specific unit of time.

Dedicated tripmeters

iTrip H-51 - hermetyczny, prosty metromierz z kontrastowymi wyświetlaczami LED o wysokości cyfr 20 mm
Hermetyczny, prosty metromierz z kontrastowymi wyświetlaczami LED o wysokości cyfr 20 mm, wbudowanym GPS-em oraz możliwością "trasowania azymutów". Przebyta odległość może być liczona na podstawie sygnałów z jednego lub dwóch czujników lub wyłącznie na podstawie sygnału z systemu GPS.
Hermetyczny metromierz iTrip H-51 z wbudowanym GPS oraz funkcją trasowania azymutów.

Other tripmeters

iTrip S-1 + application