Time measurement

We measure time at sports events that take place outdoors. We cater for car and motorcycle events of all sizes.From private events and rallies to timing in championship rallies.

During the competition, the vehicles are equipped with GPS transmitters provided by us. Based on their data and the operation of the system logic, we provide the organizers and, if necessary, (fans, Stewards, FIA or PZM observers):

  • vehicle location
  • sectional results including time or score
  • results of road safety sections

Rally management and safety during the rally

An important function of the system is to provide the event organizer with a tool for managing the course of the event and crew safety.
System umożliwia:

  • vehicle locations
  • detection of entry and exit from a special section
  • detection of stoppage on a section
  • two-way communication between the crew and the control center
  • location of services
  • location of the rally’s foot staff

More info on page: rallyTimeTrack.com

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