Delete buttons

Reset buttons (resetters) are an essential tool for every rally pilot operating a tripmeter. They allow you to gain invaluable seconds while driving, saving time and minimizing the possibility of making mistakes.

Tripmeter reset button – types

Triple delete button on the steering wheel

Triple reset button for mounting on the handlebar of a motorcycle or quad. Thanks to it, you can delete the short distance and view functions in selected types of tripmeter, as well as correct the long distance ODO.

Fixing is provided by a built-in clamp. The housing is airtight and the buttons have membranes to prevent dust from seizing them.

  • L-100, H-100, H-101 – deleting short path, correction of long path ODO, viewing functions
  • L-51, H-51 – deleting the short path, viewing functions, correction of the long ODO path
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