H-101 tripmeter


H-101 tripmeter

The H-101 tripmeter is an ideal tripmeter for measurements in off-road rallies, cross-country rallies or baja rallies. It ensures clear presentation of all measured values, simple operation and measurement precision. It has advanced function.


H-101 tripmeter is the perfect tripmeter for participants of extreme rally events. Can be installed in trucks and SSV vehicles.

H-101 is a professional tripmeter for special tasks with functions:

  • two distance counters with the possibility of independent resetting
  • possibility of correcting the path using buttons or an external remote control
  • possibility of entering any long distance value (TOTAL/ODO)
  • the height of the digits of the main parameters is 14 mm
  • measures the voltage in the vehicle’s electrical system
  • built-in clock with GPS synchronization option (in the GPS version)
  • time measurement and control at individual PKC points (time control point)

You can expand H-101 by:

  • built-in GPS module
  • external driver display

The road is measured

  • via built-in GPS module*
  • through two sensors of any design
  • sensors can work in various configurations: sum, left wheel, right wheel
  • in the GPS version, measurements can be made by combining information from sensors and GPS

*an asterisk denotes a feature or capability for the GPS version.

If you are looking for an advanced technical tripmeter for off-road rallies, durable and resistant to damage, the H-101 is for you.


  • you can count the way “forwards” or “count backwards”
  • in the GPS version, you can switch to GPS charging with one click (e.g. in the event of loss/failure of sensors)
  • in the GPS version, you can purchase the waypoint routing function and cooperation with Garmin
  • in the GPS version you can see the course you are taking

Additional accessories

You can join iTrip H-101:

  • driver display that can display any measured parameter
  • any type of single or 3-button resetters
  • additional function switches to speed up operation

If you participate in off-road rallies, pay attention to the airtightness and durability of accessories.

H-101 is the perfect tripmeter for extreme off-road rallies, for trucks and SSV vehicles.

strong>The tripmeter precisely measures the road and is easy to use. It can be expanded with accessories and functional switches.

> simultaneously displays 3 parameters
> can be equipped with a waypoint routing function and cooperation with Garmin

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