i-102 tripmeter

i-102 tripmeter

The i-102 tripmeter is a very precise tripmeter with great personalization options. It ensures clear presentation of all measured values, simple operation and measurement precision. It has an advanced function for speed rallies and regularity rallies.

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Metromierz i-102 is an intelligent, precise and configurable device designed for measurements and navigation in car rallies. It is a very accurate and reliable tripmeter that will allow you to follow the road book.
It offers a clear presentation of measured values, simple operation and enormous personalization possibilities. This is the perfect tripmeter for any type of rally.

i-102 is an advanced tripmeter for amateurs and professionals.

Capabilities of the iTrip i-102 tripmeter:

  • two distance counters with the possibility of independent resetting
  • stopwatch
  • possibility of correcting the path using buttons or an external remote control
  • height of digits of main parameters 15 mm
  • anti-glare screen visible from all angles, in the sun and at night
  • built-in clock with the option of time synchronization with GPS
  • calibration supporting up to 20,000 imp/1 km of road
  • service in: Polish, English, French, Spanish, German

Distance measurement functions:

Distance measurement is carried out: 

  • via the built-in GPS module*
  • through two sensors of any design
  • sensors can work in various configurations: sum, left wheel, right wheel
  • in the GPS version, measurements can be made by combining information from sensors and GPS

The tripmeter meets all the expectations of a rally co-driver:
allows you to drive according to the road book issued by the organizer
allows you to make distance corrections in case of discrepancies with the road book or if you get lost
continuously tracks the vehicle’s speed, car’s power supply voltage, current course*

If you are looking for an advanced technical tripmeter for rallies and rally navigation – the i-102 tripmeter is for you.

Navigation features :

  • you can measure the distance forward and count back
  • you can correct the route (add/subtract) by 1m or 10m each time you press the button
  • you can manually set any TRIP/PARTIAL and ODO/TOTAL distance value

GPS related features:

  • in the GPS version, you can switch to GPS charging with one click (e.g. in the event of loss/failure of sensors)
  • in the GPS version you can see the course you are taking

Additional accessories:

The i-102 can be attached to the iTrip:

  • driver display that can display any measured parameter
  • any type of single or 3-button resetters
  • additional function switches to speed up operation

Rallies for regularity.

i-102 M is a tripmeter with advanced functions and excellent precision. It does not have a built-in speed table or support for competitive regularity driving. It is suitable for regularity rallies, even where electronic crew support is prohibited.

If you participate in regularity rallies in the sports class, see: iTrip i-102 M+REG

How does the i-102 tripmeter help the crew?

iTrip i-102 wykonuje za pilota ciężką i nudna pracę. Metromierz jest cały czas do dyspozycji, może w każdej chwili wyświetlić zmierzone wartości lub pokierować załogę do celu. Robi to szybko i dokładnie. Załoga dodaje inteligencji i pomysłu na jazdę żeby zmieniać przebieg zawodów dla swojej korzyści.

*asterisk indicates a feature or capability for the GPS version.

Maximum work precision

The tripmeter is made using the latest technology. It has:

  • super fast processor from a renowned manufacturer
  • the internal electronics are assembled by an automatic production line
  • built-in GPS (uBlox) works 10 times per second
  • time synchronization with GPS is performed every minute
  • The tripmeter works with high-resolution speed sensors, achieving a theoretical measurement resolution of 0.025 m/1 km at 40,000 pulses/1 km.

The iTrip i-102 tripmeter is an easy-to-use device

  • has 9 buttons, clearly marked and illuminated
  • has a clear, backlit LCD display that ensures excellent readability of the measured parameter values
  • has a clear and well-thought-out menu: calibration and configuration
  • has a menu of current functions available directly from the measurement window
  • user manual containing a description of each function and each button

Who is this tripmeter for?

iTrip i-102 is a tripmeter for every crew and every rally co-driver. Amateurs will benefit from simple functions thanks to simple operation. Professionals will make the most of the tripmeter’s capabilities to gain seconds and fractions of seconds of advantage over other crews. 

Tripmeter functions

  • distance measurement with a resolution of 1m, 10m or 100m
  • maximum distance indication TRIP/PARTIAL 999.99km ODO/TOTAL 999.9km
  • deleting distance TRIP/PARTIAL i ODO/TOTAL
  • distance correction ODO/TOTAL – fast using the arrow buttons and full by entering the distance
  • memory of 10 calibrations with a maximum resolution of 0.025m / 1km
  • maintaining the measured parameters when the power is disconnected
  • maintaining settings in non-volatile memory

Displayed parameters that can be turned off

  • total distance ODO (TOTAL)
  • sectional distance TRIP (PARTIAL)
  • driving direction according to GPS TRACK (CAP)
  • speed in km/h or miles/hour
  • maximum speed
  • vehicle supply voltage
  • time in formatgg:mm:ss,0
  • GPS signal quality
  • quality of speed sensors

Set contains

  • main device, tripmeter
  • harness for connecting power and sensors
  • in the version with a GPS module – GPS antenna
  • a set of brackets for mounting a tripmeter


Tripmeter intended for:

speed rallies – measuring the short distance between situations and the long distance from the start of a section or section. The choice remains in the pilot’s hands. In the version with azimuth routing, it will turn the cumbersome navigation based on the distance to the target and course into the joy of winning 

regularity rallies – is an ideal solution for classic car rallies, where devices with built-in speed tables are not allowed. The i-102 tripmeter does not calculate or check the average speed, which is in line with the regulations of this type of rallies.


Physical features of the tripmeter:

  • steel, welded housing
  • LCD displays with a digit height of 14 mm
  • internal GPS module
  • control of sensor operation
  • GPS operation control
  • any type of single or 3-button resetters
  • additional function switches to speed up operation
  • during preparation, cooperation with the driver’s display

Support, dimensions, drawings, diagrams

See the instructions on the support page:

Wbudowany moduł GPS / Build-in GPS module

Tak/Yes, Nie/No

Sportowa jazda na regularność / Sport drive for regularity

Tak/Yes, Nie/No

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