Speed sensors – necesary for the proper operation of the tripmeter

Speed sensor is a device, that converts the movement of the vehicle to the electric impulses, which are delivered to the tripmeter. Tripmeters calculates the road and the speed based on the delivered impulses and calibration.

Sensors are mounted on the moving element of the vehicle, that is moving according to the vehicle driving speed. Usually it is a wheel or driving shaft.

Synergy of work of sensors and iTrip tripmeters will allow you to measure the road length, car speed or other important paramterers of the traveled road. iTrip sensors are perfectly adapted to the iTrip tripmeters, but the models offered by other brands will cooperate with our sensors too. Before the assembly you need to precisely choose the sensor with proper parameters.

Are you worried that the assembly, handling and operation will be hard?

Just contact us, and we will help you to choose suitable sensor for your vehicle.


Magnetyczne czujniki prędkości

Idealne do wszystkich pojazdów, które nie posiadają sygnału prędkości do metromierza. Wykrywają elementy magnetyczne zamocowane na obracającym się elemencie. Mogą pracować z dużą liczbą impulsow na km.