Speed ​​sensors

A speed sensor is a device that converts vehicle movement into electrical impulses, which are then delivered to the tripmeter.

Sensors are mounted on moving vehicle elements that move according to the speed of the moving vehicle. Usually it is a wheel or a drive shaft.

Distance measurement from sensors works best in regularity rallies and road measurements.

The operation of the iTrip sensor and tripmeter will provide you with stable measurements of the road length, car speed and other important parameters of the distance traveled. iTrip sensors are perfectly adapted to iTrip tripmeters, but models of other brands will also work properly with our sensors. Before installation, carefully select a sensor model with appropriate parameters.

Are you worried that installation, operation and maintenance will be difficult?

Just contact us and we will help you choose the right sensor for your vehicle.

Speed ​​sensor for tripmeter – types

Magnetic speed sensors

Perfect for all vehicles that do not have a speed signal for the tripmeter. They detect magnetic elements mounted on a rotating element. They can work with a large number of pulses per 1 revolution of the wheel.

Inductive speed sensors

Perfect for all vehicles that do not have a speed signal for the tripmeter. They detect rotating steel elements. They are easy to install.

Speed ​​sensors using GPS

They allow you to obtain a speed signal based solely on the GPS system. It does not require the installation of any elements on the wheel or drive shaft. This sensor eliminates errors caused by wheel slippage or changes in tire size.

Speed ​​signal amplification and division module

Designed for vehicles with an electronic speed signal or to adapt sensor signals to the requirements of a tripmeter. The module can amplify the signal, divide the number of pulses, and adjust the signal to the needs of each tripmeter.

Power filtration and pulse formation module

Power filtration and pulse formation module. Improves the quality of the supply voltage and the quality of the speed signal. For advanced multi-sensor installations, for advanced amateurs and professionals.

Speed ​​sensors using the CAN bus

For vehicles with a digital CAN data bus: the sensor collects speed information from it and converts it into a signal readable by the tripmeter. Perfect solution for modern cars or cars used for route reconnaissance.

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