iTrip H-51 Tripmeter

Irreplaceable, invaluable and at the same time invincible. Perfect for off-road rallies.

Hermetyczny Metromierz iTrip H-51 z wbudowanym modułem GPS i trasowaniem azymutów.

If offroad or baja rallies are your passion, if you start by motorcycle or quad, you should get to know the iTrip H-51 tripmeter. Solid housing, clear display, small dimensions and at the same time huge functionality. Do you need anything else?

The iTrip H-51 tripmeter is a perfect tripmeter for measurements during motorcycle and quad rallies, that are being organized in hard conditions. It provides readable presented data, easy operation and measurement precision with small housing dimensions.

The H-51 tripmeter allow connecting two speed sensors, which are used to calculate the covered distance. It can be equipped in the GPS module, which supports or is completely responsible for calculating the road without the use of sensors.

The H-51 tripmeter has LED display with a number height of up to 20mm. Thanks to that the displayed values are clear and readable even when driving off-road.

Tripmeter housing is made out of steel, welded in order of tightness and stiffness. Thanks to that it provides durability even in the hardest conditions. Mechanical damage, which can occur during the off-road rallies will not affect the tripmeter functioning. The design uses high quality double gaskets to prevent dust and water from entering the interior of the device. Thanks to that, this model will work in the toughest rallies.

The H-51 tripmeter can be equipped in waypoint routing function based on the given course and remaining distance to the target. For the road display it needs the Garmin device, which then works as an external H-51 display.

Why it is worth paying attention on this tripmeter?

H-51 is an extremely durable tripmeter with small dimensions, clear display, backlit buttons, providing precise measurements of distance, speed, voltage in the vehicle's electrical system, course and azimuth routing. In the version with a GPS module it displays the time in the format hh: mm.

It works well in motorcycles and quads, as well as trucks, cars in all types of off-road rallies.

By choosing this model you will ensure the safety and comfort of measurements. H-51 is a determinant of valuable off-road equipment.

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Tripmeter characteristics

Clear, contrasting LED display
The display, with digits of 20 mm in height, ensures perfect legibility of the measured parameters. The red color, strong brightness, as well as adequate dimensions allow for readings even during traveling roadless. The display is secured with foil, protecting it from moisture and smudges.
Convenient regulation of backlight allows to adjust the screen brightness of the tripmeter according to external conditions.


  • wbudowany GPS ( opcja GPS )
  • dwa niezależne liczniki drogi z możliwością kasowaniu
  • maksymalny zakres drogi - do 999,9 km
  • możliwość korekty drogi długiej - szybka korekta o zadaną wartość lub wpisanie dowolnej wartości
  • dwa niezależne wejścia czujników pracujące w 3 konfiguracjach
  • system kontroli stanu czujników drogi
  • w przypadku awarii czujników możliwość przełączenia na naliczanie z GPS podczas pomiarów ( opcja GPS )
  • podświetlane przyciski
  • kontrastowy wyświetlacz LCD o wysokości cyfry 14mm
  • elektroniczna ochrona pamięci nastaw i pomiarów
  • czytelna sygnalizacja stanu i zasięgu GPS ( opcja GPS )
  • wskazanie prędkości
  • wskazanie kursu ( opcja GPS )
  • wskazanie napięcia w sieci pojazdu
  • wskazanie czasu
  • synchronizacja czasu z GPS ( opcja GPS )
  • ręczna lub automatyczna ( opcja GPS ) kalibracja
  • pamięć do 10 współczynnik kalibracyjnych
  • możliwość zmiany współczynnika podczas pomiarów
  • możlwość korekty współczynnika podczas pomiarów
  • trasowanie azymutów w urządzeniach garmin ( opcja GPS + Azymut )
  • nawigowanie do punktu końcowego za pomocą strzałki na ekranie ( opcja GPS + Azymut )