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iTrip tripmeters meet the expectations of every pilot, and the number of parameters and excellent precision of measurements: distance traveled, speed and direction chosen guarantee effectiveness in every rally and in all conditions.

We produce tripmeters for rallies: baja and offroad, cross-country rallies, regularity rallies for vintage and modern cars and speed cars.
We have trip meters for motorcycles, quads, cars and trucks. See more…
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To further increase the benefits of using the iTrip tripmeter, such high-class equipment should be properly selected to the type of rally, vehicle and competitors’ preferences. Properly selected, it will allow you to focus on driving, providing all the necessary information.

Metromierz do offroad. The most popular.

Metromierze iTrip

Metrometers are constructed using the latest technologies.

They ensure very high measurement accuracy. We use every method to improve the quality of measurements. Our meters mogą measure distance based on two sensors and/or based on the GPS system. You choose!. Each sensor and GPS module is equipped with a diagnostic system that permanently provides the pilot with information about possible failures.The tripmeter can calculate the route only based on the GPS signal, without speed sensors.

Mechanical design of the highest class.

The housings are handy and durable. The hermetic version is a device with almost military quality of workmanship. All housings are made of sheet steel, welded and screwed. Offroad versions have two levels of protection against water and dust. The competitors proved that they can even work underwater!

Modern software

The tripmeter software was created from scratch by an experienced team of programmers. The metrometer’s work program performs tasks always and without interruption. Each tripmeter has the ability to update the software via a pendrive. We provide the update for free without any time limit.


The operation of the function is intuitive and well-thought-out thanks to the knowledge of the piloting method and feedback from the players. The tripmeters have been thoroughly tested in rally conditions.

Functions dedicated to specific types of rallies turn the tripmeter into a rally computer

Metromierze do rajdów baja i cross-country

The most important goals when creating the structure and software of an offroad tripmeter are: simplicity of use, readability and mechanical resistance.

We produce 3 models of tripmeter that will meet the expectations of crews taking part in off-road rallies. Each of them, despite some differences, surprises with its readability and mechanical resistance.

Tripmeters for regularity rallies

We offer two types of trip meters for regularity rallies.
Simple tripmeters (iTripcomputer Classic or i-102) which are mainly responsible for precise distance measurement, and rally computers which, in addition to the distance, guide the crew with very high precision based on the section description (iTripcomputer i-102 REG).
The type of rally you are taking part in, the regulations regarding the measuring devices used and your decision will solve the problem of which route you will choose.

Tripmeters for UTV and SSV

Trip meters for SSV should have the same features as other off-road trip meters. In SSV, dust and water resistance are even more important. There is much less space in a smaller side-by-side vehicle than in a car, but any H series model can be installed there.

Tripmeters for motorcycles and quads

The small amount of space on the motorcycle limits the choice to one model: H-51. It has all the desirable features also in the case of a motorcycle tripmeter: resistance to environmental conditions, clear display. You can connect 3 buttons to the H-51 steering wheel switch, which speeds up operation.

Tripmeters for crossing rallies

They can cope with any off-road obstacle thanks to enhanced dust and water resistance. Comfort of use is ensured by large-sized and clear LED or high-contrast LCD displays. Road measurement based on GPS or sensors.

Tripmeters for speed rallies

Precise road measurements based on GPS or sensors. Special function for measurements on OS. Light housing and ease of use thanks to easily accessible functions and clear LCD displays. Tripmeters for speed rallies

Metrometers for organizing rallies, judging devices

Devices designed for organizers and judges. Tripmeters with precise distance measurements from sensors and the ability to automatically create measurement reports.

Tripmeters for road services

Devices designed for road construction. They precisely measure the route and allow you to easily and quickly document the measurements through reports that can be saved or printed without the need for additional software.

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